What makes us different

WHAT WE DO – At International Commodities House we provide access to physical commodities, related services and custom built solutions.  Our products and services range across 5 business units in Vehicle Fleet Management (including Fuel Cards), Bulk Fuel, Food & Beverage, Precious Metals and Procurement Management. By connecting markets and information we aim to deliver unparalleled value and economies of scope to businesses in Australia and regionally.

WHO WE ARE – International Commodities House is a diversified commodities trader and service provider.  We have taken the traditional symbol of a scale to represent units that commodities are measured with. In addition, a balance scale represents the fair and equitable manner in how we do business. From our experience as a Precious Metals trader, we have come understand physical commodities. We aim to minimize downtime, maximize value and ease of running a business. We understand our customers require competitive pricing, fast delivery mandates, reliable and consistent supply, product choice and someone that understands the needs of their business.

WHERE WE ARE GOING – We appreciate the vital importance that commodities have in businesses daily.  Working across all our business units we aim to deliver greater value and access to products and services for our customers in Australia and regionally.



From business customers who require Fuel Cards, Vehicle Servicing, Bulk Fuel, Food & Beverage and Precious Metals ICH brings our wholesale purchasing to offer the best products at the most competitive pricing possible.

If you are a business who consumes more than one of the products we offer, speak to us for bundled pricing which means lower costs for you and greater efficiency by consolidating your bills into one invoice.

Fuel Cards

ICH offers competitive fuel discounts and low monthly cards fees with Caltex and Shell fuel cards. Customers are able to access online management and billing as part of our service.

Vehicle Servicing

ICH has supply relationships with Kmart Tyre and Auto Service and Tyrepower. Business customers looking to service their vehicles are able to access some of the top products and services based on fleet pricing at over 400 stores across Australia. 

Food & Beverage

ICH sources Food & Beverage from various Australian suppliers and processors. Customers looking to buy beef, lamb, veal, pork or poultry should give ICH a call to discuss your requirements and business needs. 

Precious Metals

ICH provides a wide range of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium and ruthenium products and services for businesses and investors. Customers looking to buy gold and other precious metals can access ICH's relationships with over 6 LBMA refineries around the world.  We service Australia and South East Asia, delivering goods with efficiency and competitive pricing.

Commodity Prices
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