A guide to buying bulk fuel

Uncategorized / May 10, 2016

Purchasing fuel in bulk can be a highly convenient and cost effective service, particularly for those working in the farming and mining industries. However, there are different do’s and don’ts you want to take into account when buying bulk fuel for your business.

CONSIDER the risks of sourcing cheap fuel. Trying to ‘pick the market’ based on the cheapest options of bulk fuel may have its risks and dangers– while some companies may offer competitive prices, the quality of the fuel may be compromised and can therefore be detrimental to your vehicle or machinery.  At ICH, we are committed to supplying high-quality fuel to keep your vehicles and machinery running in good condition.

DO look after your fuel tanks. It is important to maintain the infrastructure of your fuel tanks in order to conserve the fuel. Make sure the tanks are kept well-sealed, therefore preventing the entry of water and dust.  Please consider draining your fuel tanks regularly in order to eliminate any condensation build-up, which can contribute to algae formation. Finally, installing a filtration system can help reduce the amount of dust, rust, dirt and bacteria accumulated in your fuel tank.

CONSIDER buying too much at once. The fresher the fuel, the more energy-efficient it is. Fuels deteriorate over time, which can result in higher service costs. When purchasing bulk fuel, you should work out the quantity your farm or property can use while it remains fresh. Please consider approximately a month’s worth of the fuel supply needed to support your operations.

CONSIDER implementing a regular purchasing cycle. Plan ahead in order to create a schedule for your bulk fuel purchases. Fuel is formulated to suit different seasonal conditions, with the ‘Cloud Point’ property (i.e. the temperature that determines whether the wax of the fuel is at liquid or solidification solution) changing depending on the weather. Keep summer and winter changes in mind and create a synchronised re-stock cycle to adhere to throughout the year – for instance, consider various factors like how you purchase your fuel for winter to ensure that the Cloud Point is suitable for the cold temperatures over the entire winter period.

While there are different factors to consider before buying bulk fuel, the team at ICH are here to make the process as smooth and convenient for your particular needs as possible. By considering these simple guidelines, it will help you purchase the right amount of fuel at the right times and the right prices.

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