Ambrose Wong

Managing Director

Ambrose Wong is the Managing Director and Founder of ICH. His career includes many years within the Australian financial services industry including the superannuation sector at Australian Super. Mr. Wong saw opportunities in the precious metals market when the price was at a low $250/oz and started his first business in 2009 first as a distributor of numismatic/medallion gold coins and silver bars and then as a dealer and affiliate for the Bullion Management Group in Canada and Anglofareast bullion in Switzerland respectively.

After identifying opportunities in Asia Mr. Wong began developing business with large state owned banks and multinational jewellers in South East Asia and went on to establish supply relationships with refiners in Switzerland, South Africa, Hong Kong and Australia. Mr. Wong has an excellent knowledge of the precious metals industry and market.

Michael Marsh

Board Advisor

Michael Marsh is a Council to the board of ICH, and has been involved in precious metals markets for over 35 years. His career in bullion includes working on the trading desks of Johnson Matthey Bankers in London, Hong Kong and Singapore, where he was Director and General Manager; as a Director at The Bank of Nova Scotia – Scotia Mocatta in London, Singapore and Hong Kong; and as a Manager at the London office of Deutsche Bank.

His experience also includes senior roles at Baird & Co Ltd where he managed transactions with institutional and private investors. Mr Marsh’s expertise ranges from dealing in precious metals on the interbank spot and forward markets to trading bars and coins for manufacturers, retailers, funds and private investors. Mr Marsh has also been involved in arranging counterparty facilities, documentation and compliance oversight. Mr Marsh works out of our Sydney office and brings a breadth of experience to the board and management.

Perry Cooper

Board Advisor

Perry Cooper is a director of ICH and has been an investment banker with 25+ years of international experience and also represents significant experience at the Board Director level with several SME’s. His banking career includes 5 years in London with Royal Bank of Canada in relationship management and syndications. He then moved to Societe Generale in Paris for 5 years where he became the Head of Emerging Markets and ultimately, Head of Originations, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

After moving to Australia, Mr Cooper worked with Investec Bank in Sydney as a Banker in the Growth and Acquisition Finance team before moving to Singapore to take up responsibilities with Standard Chartered Bank and latterly with ANZ Bank, a stint that involved work in setting up a new bank. Mr. Cooper brings a wealth of international banking and capital raising experience to ICH and is strong in corporate governance and compliance issues.

About our Fleet Management Services in Sydney

Company History

Alluvial Wealth Pty Ltd, ABN 68 139 507 618, was incorporated in September 2009 and trades as International Commodities House (ICH). ICH is currently headquartered in Sydney Australia and is fully owned by its directors. Cumulative experience of the board includes more than 60 years within investment and bullion banking.

What we have achieved

ICH was founded in 2009 by servicing businesses in the precious metals market where our reputation was built on speed of settlement, high turnover, extremely competitive prices and excellent customer service. We worked hard to become a trusted name in the industry who constantly delivered value and customised solutions whenever customer demanded it and when many others in the market could not. For many years ICH built and sourced solutions from our banking and business relationships to offer customized service to our customers with trading volumes of precious metals having exceeded well over AUD100 million.

Our services

We have strived to offer corporate and commercial entities more flexible alternatives to the way they manage their resources and how they operate on a daily basis. Drawing on our mission to offer incomparable value to our customers, our involvement through our various business units in vehicle and corporate fleet management, food & beverage, bulk fuel, precious metals, is an ideal example of how we hope to deliver genuine value to businesses. We provide accessibility to these day to day products and services, allowing your business to operate more efficiently.

Our comprehensive array of tailored solutions

Included in our business units are an array of other products including fuel cards, vehicle corporate fleet management, food supply chain management and bulk fuel which can be tailored to businesses and retailers in Sydney and across Australia.  Today ICH has over 65 years of commodity and business experience and stands as the leading multi-commodity trading house in Australia.

We’re here to help

Speak with us today to learn how our corporate vehicle management and other services are able to assist you to find value and access the markets. Reach us on +61 02 8378 9124