Hassle-free Procurement of Produce for Food and Beverage Industry

Uncategorized / July 4, 2016

We need to handle perishable commodities and produce with care. Transporting meat, eggs, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, seafood etc., from the destination to the customer fresh, is a daunting task. The reputation of many small and big restaurants/hotels depends on the exotic and delicious dishes they prepare and that, in turn, rests on the continuous availability of fresh produce. Customer satisfaction may be affected drastically if any of the groceries, meat, or dairy products on sale is found stale.
Hotels, retirement homes, or university hostels, all need a regular supply of fresh groceries. Sourcing these produce on a routine basis is expensive and time-consuming. Establishments, therefore, depend on suppliers and commodity houses for their weekly supply of produce. Supermarket chains in need of farm-fresh products also rely on reputable commodity suppliers for a steady supply.
A Food and Beverage supplier understands the importance of fresh produce and the important of delivering these on time. The commodity house will access the produce from the source and deliver it to the end user on time, every time, nationally and internationally.
Let’s summarise the advantages of procuring food and beverage commodities through a reliable commodity house:

Availability of fresh produce: Having established contact with the source, the commodity management house will ensure fresh supplies on a regular basis.

Credibility: Reputation and credibility are the biggest assets of restaurants, eateries, and supermarkets. With continual availability of high-quality products, they will be able to maintain a consistent service and quality that is expected from their customer.

Affordable pricing: A regular contractor will supply the goods at a competitive rate creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Increase in customer base: Uninterrupted supply of a range of produce at an affordable rate will enable the industrial outlets to sell their quality products economically. This will aid in developing an ever-increasing, satisfied customer base for the business.

Wide reach of local produce: With Australian clean and green reputation, locally produced commodities will get a wider reach nationally and internationally.

Use of different currencies:
No one will be denied access to the products due to different locations or currencies. Commodity management with a global reach will be prepared to accept payment in multiple currencies.

Short turnaround time: Meat, seafood, shellfish etc. has a very short shelf life. The management house will ensure supply of these goods to the end user in the shortest possible time retaining the freshness. Outsourcing the procurement of produce to a dependable commodity house gives caterers and other businesses a source of uninterrupted supply chain.

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